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Orizon - Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature. Marilyn

My first time with a sex doll

​My first time with a sex dollDolls are generally associated with children but what makes a man to fall in love with a sex doll is the pleasure is that they derive. This I now know. I lost my wife and child on the delivery bed. A day I thought would bring me joy and happiness […]

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Signs an older woman wants to sleep with you

​10 Signs an older or married woman  wants to sleep with you​There are plenty of reasons why an older or married woman may want to sleep with you. Maybe she isn’t satisfied with her partner’s game, perhaps the man is away for many days, or she is just looking for a different taste of fun. Sometimes, […]

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How To Tell If A Guy Has A Big Penis

​How to tell if a guy has a big one​According to studies, only less than 3% of all men have a dick 8″. Indeed, what you may consider big (8-inches)  is medically rated out of average. Yet, realistically, the size of a man’s member is crucial for  womens’ satisfaction. Personally, I cannot lay a man with a meek […]

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How To Be A Phone Sex Operator From Home

​Tips on how to become a phone sex operator​ Becoming a phone sex operator can dramatically lift your income and open a whole new door of opportunities.And if you possess the correct skills and can make dudes go wild (and cum) on the phone, you will have a super rewarding time. However, like any other job, the […]

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Why You are Feeling Sick After Sex and How to Avoid it

Top Reasons Why You are Feeling Sick After Sex​Sex is arguably the preeminent pleasure-giving activity, right? It is supposed to be magical and happiness inducing. However, did you know that sex can also make you sick? Many people report feeling sick after sex. They complain of being nauseated and even vomiting after sex. Of course, this […]

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Male Enhancement Pills That Work Fast

​Male Enhancement Pills for Libido, Strength, and StaminaYour success in intimacy and sexual satisfaction starts with a hard, long-lasting erection. Only then will you have, and give your cherished partner, a wonderful time. For you to attain such an upright, long lasting and hard erection, your best companion has to be the Male Extra™ Male Enhancement […]

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Best Sex Dolls For Men

​6 Realistic Sex Dolls for men / Lifelike Love Doll in TPE + Silicone When your partner can’t keep up with your game, or is hesitant, or just hates sex and won’t show up when you’re feeling horny, then you don’t need to suffer alone. You can easily satisfy yourself by grabbing and having a […]

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